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10 August 2013 @ 01:26 am
Title: Traces of You
Author: Deejae, forever_withme
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: _____/You
Word Count: 4,525
Summary: It's been a long day at work, feeding into the wee hours of the morning. You get home expecting to crawl into bed for the night (or maybe pull an all-nighter), but someone has other plans in mind.
Author’s Note: Oh, shit. It’s been, literally, 3.5 years since I last wrote something. Being in the state of mind that I’ve been in for a few months, and having gotten inspiration from one of Nick’s latest Instagrams, I decided to write a little diddy. Hope you enjoy! :)
Also, since it's been hella long since I last posted, idk if this is formatted correctly, lol. Sorry! <3


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08 February 2010 @ 02:40 am
Title: Becoming Reality
Author: Deejae, forever_withme
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Joe/Jen (RPF, y’all)
Word Count: 6,657
Author’s Note: Okay, it’s pretty much obligatory for me to ‘apologize’ for my work and how ‘awful’ it is. I’m sorry for how rushed this seems and that there’s a lack of a backstory. I am slowly making my way back to writing. So, *phew*, I’m still trying.

For one of my best friends ever, _greatguitarsex, because she inspires me and we’re basically the same person. Love you, Ate~ ♥ This was going to be a birthday present, but then I couldn’t finish it in time; it was then going to be a Christmas present, but hey, it’s past Christmas! There might be a joke or two in here, so idk if it’ll be confusing. lol, sorry. So here it is, for Jen, because I just plain love her.

Beeteedubs, you should write more, Jen. kthxbai.


Baby, get my order right; no errors // I’mma touch you in all the right areasCollapse )

When Jen gets home, she isn’t entirely sure how to react. Her apartment has a faint layer of fog emanating from the kitchen and for a moment, she thinks she forgot to turn off the stove before leaving for class. Despite the spike in her heart rate, she does not try to move; she cannot.

“Bug, is that you?”

A voice calls for her from the kitchen, but it sounds further away than it should. She recognizes the voice and that in itself is enough reason for her to walk towards the source of the smoke. Coughing just a little, Jen fans away some smoke as she walks down the short hallway and makes sure to open the patio door to let the air filter out.

“Joseph.” His name comes out in more of a sigh than anything else.

When the kitchen comes into her field of view, she has to stop and take a mental picture. Her jaw drops slightly, her eyes skimming the small area of space that has a two-burner stove and a pathetic excuse for a refrigerator. She almost frowns; her boyfriend, a man who is used to hotel rooms as big as her entire apartment, seems like a giant in a miniature dollhouse.

“Bug! I wanted to surprise you.” He does not look at her, but continues to stir whatever it is he is making in a saucepan. The smell is overwhelming; there is the usual thick scent of gravy with a hint of frosting accompanying it. Jen almost laughs, but stops at a smile; she thinks it is embarrassing that she just knows the smell of frosting.

Finally, she realizes that this is more than just her boyfriend making a surprise visit. He should be halfway around the world right now.

“What are you doing here? How did you get inside my apartment? When did you get here? Why are you cooking? What—”

“Whoa,” Joe laughs. “That’s enough questions for now, Quizmaster. I’m cooking because I know my girlfriend is a total foodie; I got here sometime after you left for your film history class; I have a key because, like a creeper, I had one copied when you first moved in; and finally, I am here—” He sets the spoon down on a paper towel and looks at her, a stain of flour on his cheek, “—because I need to be.”

“What are you talking about?” Jen’s tense shoulders fall when she hears his answers. “I thought you guys were doing some benefit concert in Zurich or something. You told me you wouldn’t be home for Christmas.”

Joe grabs the dishtowel hanging over his shoulder and wipes the remnants of flour from his hands, taking slow steps towards Jen with a crooked smirk on his face. He sets his hands on her shoulders and leans forward, pressing a kiss to the apple of her right cheek.

“Yeah, um, that was a little lie.”

Incredulous, her eyes widen and her jaw falls lower as she swats his bicep with an open hand. She watches him wince and hides a smile, flicking his shoulder for added effect.

“You liar!”

“Well, it’s not like I was going to tell you, ‘Oh hey, Jenbug, I’m going to surprise you with dinner and dessert on Christmas Eve - be surprised!”’ That wouldn’t have elicited this reaction - look, you’re blushing!”

She has to smile, then. She feels the heat on her cheeks and touches the back of her hands to her face, the warmth comforting her frozen fingers. When Joe reaches for the scarf around her neck and unravels it, she feels the chill running along her spine.

“Plus,” he whispers with the scarf between his fingers, pressing his lips to her collarbone, “I wanted to show you that I can cook without anyone’s help. Which, oh yeah, I totally can.”

“What are you cooking?” she asks, pulling away from him with bright, excited eyes. “It actually smells good.”

Jen walks to the stove and tries to peer into a pot, but is shocked when Joe yells “No, not yet!” and runs to stand between her and the still-cooking dishes.

“Are you serious?” she asks, wanting to laugh at the serious expression on his face.

“Yes,” he replies quickly. “Now, go take a shower and change because I know you’re tired after taking the last of your final. I want tonight to be special, so I need you to be as comfortable as possible.”

When he stops to finally take a breath, Jen finally breaks. She laughs, throwing her head back with a large grin on her face. She hugs him, her fingers tugging lightly on the hair at the nape of his neck.

“Joseph, I love you.”

He sighs, breathing her in as he presses his lips to hers for a short moment. Just as quick as it happened, it is over.

“Now, go.”

Letting out another laugh, she nods her head and does as he says.


When she steps out of the steaming shower, Jen notices the smell of the meal has gotten even stronger. She stops to inhale and lets a smile rest on her lips, appreciating the work she knows Joe put into the surprise.

She tightens the towel around her body, letting her hair lay damp against her shoulders as she runs quickly from the bathroom to her room. After she shuts the door behind her, it doesn’t take long to see the dress bag Joe set on her bed.

“Yes, you have to wear that!” she hears him say from the kitchen. It is like he can read her mind, regardless of the distance between them. Excited, she unzips the bag and a breath catches in her throat.

The dress is a beautiful strapless that she assumes would reach just above her knees. The peach satin peeking through the black lace over the bust of the dress shines against the light coming from her reading lamp, and she traces the intricate designs as well as the satin sash that wraps around the torso.

The chiffon that makes up the dress’s skirt makes her laugh; she remembers telling Joe that frilly dresses make her feel like a rockstar. The chiffon is tiered, giving the dress an even fancier look. She shuts her eyes, imagining what his face must have looked like as he chose it in the store.

That one,” she is sure he said. “It’s perfect.”

And it is.


By the time he hears Jen call for him, Joe is done setting the table with candles and a small bouquet of white roses he prepared himself. He brushes his palms on his dress pants, pausing for a moment to curse himself for doing it. When he hears heels click against the linoleum, he turns around and stops to see Jen leaning against the entry to the kitchen and he is sure that the world, for at least a millisecond, has stopped spinning on its axis.

“Jen,” he breathes, his eyes glistening, “I would say that you’re beautiful, but I don’t think that even begins to cover it.”

He rolls his eyes when she starts to list off reasons why she shouldn’t be wearing something like this.

“But my arms! I hate them, and this dress is beautiful, but my arms! And, my God, my feet; my huge feet in these heels. I wish I had your eyeglass prescription because I want to see that beauty that you claim to see.”

“Stop it.” Joe takes quick steps towards her, his palms on her shoulders as he searches his eyes. “You are gorgeous. I look at you and I kid you not, I am always left breathless. You’re beautiful; whether in this dress, or sweats and a tee shirt, you’re perfect.”

She lets the words sink in, chewing on her bottom lip.

“No, I have to change.”

Jen turns around, wrapping her arms around herself. As she steps into the hallway towards her room, she feels a rush of air as Joe’s hands reach for her. When he spins her around, she avoids his gaze and shakes her head.

“Jennifer, stop it. You look beautiful. Plus,” Joe smiles. “You won’t be wearing clothes for too long after this.”

A laugh escapes her mouth in the form of a gasp, her eyes widening in surprise. When he winks and shrugs his shoulders with an open-mouthed smirk on his face, she shakes her head again and remembers he is the one who makes her feel beautiful. Finally, she believes him.

“Now, sit down. I took time getting this all ready for you, so I hope you enjoy it.”

“Joseph, it smells so good,” she assures him when she gets to the neatly set table. “But, really, you didn’t have to do this. You know I don’t mind takeout, as much as I appreciate you preparing all of this.”

“Yes, I did. I know I’m not going to be here for Christmas and I figured I’d give you your presents early. You know, even if it’s only a whole two days early,” he shrugs. His back is turned to her as he grabs a ladle sitting atop a spoon rest, using it to stir what she assumes is gravy in a small saucepan.

“Is that…” she gasps, running over to the counter where a bowl of white fluff is waiting to be served. “Potatoes! Oh, my God, yum! And—Joseph, I can’t believe you made turkey and ham for just the two of us.”

When Jen turns around to look at him, Joe is blushing. She thinks maybe it’s the heat of the stove until he bites his lip and smiles crookedly, “Um, about that – I didn’t want to, like, burn anything like that, so I kind of stole some that mom made. I hope you’re not mad.”

“At you?” she takes his hands in hers, forcing his body to face hers. She wraps her arms around his neck, bringing his face closer to hers. When their noses touch, she presses forward and leaves a light kiss on his lips. “I could never.”


By the time the microwave reads nine o’clock, Jen is already full of food. There really aren’t any words to describe how good the food is, but Joe takes her “ohmygosh”’s and “so yummy!”’s as enough of feedback. She sees that he has barely touched his food, telling him, “Stop making me feel like such a fatty when you’re over there nibbling on peas.”

“What?” he laughs, “I’m not that hungry after slaving over a stove for two hours. You know me; I do too many taste tests in the name of science so by the time I’m done cooking, I feel like I’ve eaten an entire meal.”

She rolls her eyes. Of course.

“So Chef Joseph, what’s on the menu for after dinner?” she winks across the table.

“Slow down, Bug.” He has to laugh at her eagerness. “We’re so backwards sometimes.”

“How so?”

“I would totally think of food after making love, whereas you would be able to jump me right after a meal.”

She blushes at the way he says it.

“Well, I’ve only got you for so long; I’m impatient!”

“Here, let’s make a deal: I’ll finish cleaning up in here, that should take me at least half an hour,” he smirks, “and you can go start watching one of the movies I rented for you. They’re on top of your TV.”

Holding back excitement, she smiles and kisses him on the forehead before racing from the kitchen to her equally tiny living room. On top of the entertainment center are stacks of DVDs she remembers watching with Joe when they first started dating: Titanic, Saw, Star Wars, Romeo and Juliet, Garden State, Harry Potter, Twilight, The Hills Have Eyes, High School Musical—

She wants to laugh at the variety.

Finally, she spots a box with multicolored letters and claps her hands, smiling as she opens it and puts the DVD into the player. A few moments later, the music sounds through the TV speakers and she waits for the movie to play. When Joe lets out a groan from the kitchen in reaction to the music, she giggles.

“You love it, don’t lie!”

The main character breaks into song in the opening scene, and Jen sings along with redone lyrics: “Good morning, San Diego! There’s my boyfriend who cooks good food. He’s a totally awesome dude!—

“I’m gonna have to stop you right there,” Joe says, still yelling from the kitchen.

Jen just laughs.


Before Jen can sing along to “Without Love”, Joseph is already waltzing into the room with a cupcake in his hand. Jen stares at him like he’s holding a brick of gold because when the silver sitting on top of the cake catches some of the light from the lamp on the opposite side of the room, she feels like she’s dreaming.

“What is this?” If anyone were to ask, she would deny that he voice is shaking.

“Jennifer…” he says slowly, his eyes shining. Jen knows he’s crying; she can hear the shakiness in his voice, too. “I know it seems too soon, and I know there are a million reasons you’d say no, but just hear me out.”

He hasn’t even asked and already, she is sobbing.

“First of all, I love you. I hope you know that, because I know I don’t say that enough. Second of all, I’m sorry. I’m sorry that I’m not always here to hold you when you’re scared, or available to talk on the phone when you need some assurance that you are remarkable; I’m sorry that I can’t be here twenty-four-seven to kiss you and hug you and tell you that everything’s going to be okay. I’m so sorry that I’m rambling right now because, seriously, I don’t even know where to begin.

When you walked into my life not even two years ago, I was a complete mess. I didn’t know where my life was going, and I wasn’t sure if anyone could help me out of that rut. But you… God, you don’t even know how much I appreciated you talking to me like I was a normal human being. All I needed was someone to be there, and you were. Whether it was just a text message, or a frantic lunch date scheduled twenty minutes before – Jennifer, you have always been there for me.”

Listening to him speak almost proves too much for Jen. Tears have already found their way down her cheeks, making tiny splashes when they hit the bodice of her dress. Her hands are covering her mouth, small sounds emitted from her throat as she continues to cry.

When Joe gets down on one knee, she loses it.

“Jennifer, I want to be there for you. And, okay, I know that’s a completely ridiculous statement, right? Because, well, you don’t have to be married to be there for somebody, I know. But, Jen, I love you so much and I just want everyone to know, and I would be the luckiest person in this galaxy if you said yes.” He pauses to wipe the tears that have gathered at his eyelids.

“You’re my everything and I think about you all the time; every second, everywhere. I thought it was physically impossible to do that, to just think about one person every second of everyday, but it’s possible, Jen. It’s so completely possible and I don’t want to spend another day on tour lying through my teeth, telling them I have a ‘special girl in my heart’ because, damn it, I want to shout it from the rooftops.”

He jumps to his feet, startling Jennifer when he does, and waves his hands in the air.

“I, Joseph Adam Jonas, love my girlfriend, Jennifer, with my entire heart and I want – I need the whole world to know that I am willing to do anything for her.” He falls to his knees again with the cupcake in his palm, holding it in front of her face. “So, Jennifer, will you please marry me?”

Her fingers are clasped around each other tightly, her thumbnails digging crescents into her skin. Her sobs have calmed, her tears drying; she has to inhale-exhale deeply before she is able to talk. Even when her heart stops beating a million times per second, she has to take a moment to collect her thoughts.

Joe begins to shake, leaning on his one knee, and his face looks uneasy. He hears her sigh and isn’t sure what she’s going to say.

“Yes.” She says it, no louder than a whisper, so he has to hear it again. “Joseph, I would love to call you my husband.”

When she says it, the word ‘husband’, he has to think about it first. The shock is evident in his narrowed eyes; even in his most confident moment, he still had doubts that she would say yes. The corners of his mouth – pouty, pink lips with faint freckles sprinkled all over – curl upwards and he is smiling, grinning like a fool.

“Yes. You said ‘yes’, I can’t believe it.”

“What are you talking about?” Jennifer asks, her face twisted in confusion. Of course she said yes.

“Nothing, just – nothing. You said yes and I’m ecstatic.” He takes her left hand between both of his and when she flexes her fingers, he slips the silver band onto its respective digit (it has a single princess-cut diamond in the center and when she sees it, her breath catches in her throat).

“It’s so weird.” She’s laughing at herself when she says it. “We’re engaged. I have a fiancé. I am a fiancée. We’re getting married. This is, like, so surreal.”

Joe watches the blush creep onto her cheeks; he watches as it deepens when she looks at the ring again, her chest rising and falling with each deep inhalation. He never thought it was possible for her to look even more beautiful than before but the effervescent glow that surrounds her is too much for him to handle. She has never looked to breathtaking than in this moment. When she laughs, the sound reaches his ears and it is enough for him to smile, too.

“Can I kiss you?” slowly, he asks. He sounds almost nervous, like it’s their first date and he is again nineteen years old and completely naïve when it comes to life. His palms are sweating, too; he’s sure of it.

“Of course,” Jen tells him. “Of course you can kiss me.”

First, he tucks a strand of hair behind her ear – they chuckle when his fingers hit the earpiece of her glasses and make them go lopsided on her face. She fixes the frames herself just as Joe leans forward and presses his lips to hers. To say the least, the kiss feels… different.

Joe, forcing himself off of his knees and to his feet, puts a palm on either side of Jen’s face and in an easier maneuver than they both imagined it to be, they are standing. Joe wraps his arms around her, his hands resting on the tail of her spine and his lips are moving, slick against hers.

“Bedroom.” It is all she has to say to get him to move, though she’s surprised he is able to understand her with their mouths so close together. He tosses the cupcake to the coffee table (he is proud when no frosting ends up on the glass) and takes her hands, leading her to the room. She whimpers when their lips are apart, but follows him stubbornly.

The dress bag is neatly folded and hanging over the back of her desk chair, but it falls to the floor when the door opens. Joe shrugs (he doesn’t want to make some cheesy joke about how he’s magical; it’s not the right time), and Jen just looks at him with a smile that refuses to leave her face.

“C’mere,” he says, leading her to the bed. He sits down on the edge of it, pulling her towards him and letting her stand between his legs. The material of the dress brushes against his jeans and it makes a subtle scratching noise when he takes a handful of it in his palms. “I love how it looks on you.”

“Liar.” He is taken aback when she says it, but sees the gleam in her eyes when he looks up at her. She is smirking, and it does not take a genius to understand where this is going. She kisses the tip of his nose and makes a trail across his cheekbones and leaves one last kiss on his earlobe. Jen whispers, “You know you’ll love it more when it’s not on me.”

“You’re so eager,” Joe teases. He gasps when Jen pushes him backwards and falls with him, her body hovering over his. She kisses his chin before covering his mouth with her own. She pins his arms to the bed and Joe realizes he is powerless. The kiss deepens quickly and just as fast, they are both moaning. Joe lefts his head and parts Jen’s lips with his tongue. She loses grip of his hands soon after that, and Joe takes the moment to push Jennifer to her feet.

“Right, I am the eager one.” She purses her lips and blows him a kiss.

“You’re like a present,” Joe says. “I want to unwrap you.”

Before he can even touch the chiffon, her hands are at his neck loosening the black tie that is wrapped around the collar of his shirt. Jen thinks he looks so elegant, yet so laid back at the same time. His shirt is not tucked into his pants, but his tie adds somewhat of a crisp touch to his outfit. When it is undone, she tosses it aside like a piece of crumpled paper.

They are breathing erratically, busily trying to undo the extra articles of clothing that are still on Joe’s body.

“Too much,” Jen grumbles. “Too many layers.”

It is an ordeal getting him down to his boxers, but a pile of his pants, shirt, tie, socks, and shoes are in the corner of the room, forgotten for the moment. Jen is standing close to him, Joe’s hands wrapped around her waist like he won’t dare let go of her. Still in the dress, her tummy is pressing against his chest while he stays seated on the bed.

“Stop stalling,” he grins, his teeth pulling on her bottom lip as he pulls away from her just a few millimeters. Once his clothes had been practically torn off, their mouths had connected like magnets and Joe had to fight to push her away. Still, no matter how hard he tried, she would not back down. He mumbles, “Fine.”

Joe reaches behind Jennifer and pulls down the zipper on the middle of her back. Slowly, he tugs it downward, resting his hand on her ass when he feels the zipper has reached the bottom. Jen steps away from him, whimpering quietly, and lets the dress fall to the floor. There is a delicate whoosh as the fabric hits the floor.

“Wait.” Joe stops, his lips already swollen, and looks at her. His hands travel down her curves, paying close attention to the hourglass of her hips. When Jennifer looks at him, his eyes are dark and his bottom lip is caught between his teeth. “This,” he says, “is exactly that I want to come home to every night.”

“I thought you liked me for my personality.” She rolls her eyes.

“Yeah, but I distinctly remember you telling me–” Joe stands up and whispers harshly against her ear. He pulls her forward, forcing her hips against his own; she gasps. “–you only like me because I’m a fine ass boy who can cook and throw you against a bed if I damn well please.”

“So are we gonna keep talking, or will you just fuck me already?” Her cute, naïve façade is quickly deteriorating and Joe, for a moment (or five), is shocked at her forwardness. He smirks at her (she is rolling her eyes again) and replaces his lips over hers, suffocating any sarcastic comment that is about to leave her mouth.

Jen pushes him onto the bed and unclasps her own bra, watching Joe’s eyes move over her as she does it. The metal separates and the cups drop, revealing more soft skin. Jennifer is sure she saw Joe twitch beneath his boxers. She is giggling behind her fingers, her hand covering her mouth. She leans forward, kissing his belly and making a trail through the fine hair between his groin and belly button.

Jeeeeen,” he groans, her moist, swollen lips touching his sensitive skin. She makes a wet line of kisses up his torso, between his pectoral muscles, and finally at his vein that extends from his collarbone and disappears at the nape of his neck. Her breasts are resting against his chest; Joe can barely breathe what with the way her hardened peaks are pressing into his. “Fuck–”

She keeps quiet, leaving love bites across Joseph’s jaw line. She can barely keep her hands to herself, and she feels herself slipping off the edge of the bed. Still, Jennifer keeps kissing him (avoiding his mouth entirely) and she can’t help but smirk against his mildly warm skin when she feels him squirming; he is whimpering, too.

“I can’t take this–”

Joe forces her onto her back and before Jen can say anything, she is letting out a string of moans as his mouth leaves a soft kiss on her sternum. He presses his lips down her tummy and up again, the tip of his tongue tracing circles into her skin. He looks down at her body, fully exposed, and kisses the peak of her breast. Jen’s jaw drops when his mouth closes over the tip of it, his tongue circling it.

“Joseph, oh my–“ He switches sides, clasping his lips over her other nipple. Not wanting any part of her to feel neglected, he cups his hands over the opposite side and massage the breast. The softness in his palms makes him swell, and his hips start to twitch against her body. Through her panties, she can feel his hardness pressing into her and it makes her shudder.

“Can I take this off?” Joe asks. His voice is soft, coaxing her out of a daze, and he is staring at her with his mouth half-open. His thumbs are hooked in the lacy waistband of her underwear and he is already tugging them down her legs. She responds with a short head nod and when he pulls harder, she covers her mouth with the back of her hands; feeling the air hit her exposed skin, she bites on her index finger.

“I don’t get it. No matter how many times we’ve done this, I still feel like it’s my first time and we’re in your hotel room, waiting for someone to wake you up for call time.” Jennifer is whispering, so quiet that Joe can barely hear her. Her heartbeat reaches his ears and he kisses her kneecap.

“You’re always nervous. But I’m here, Jen. I’m always going to be here.” He guides her legs out of the panties and throws them into a pile on the floor. He looks at her the heels that are still strapped to her feet and smirks. “Leave those on.”

He leans forward again and captures her lips in his. When he is busy sucking on her tongue (he doesn’t even try to hide the guttural moans escaping his throat), Jennifer pushes his boxers off of his hips, scratching her nails against his vee cuts just slightly, and Joe finishes the work by shimmying them off.

The heat of their bodies rises and soon enough, they are swimming in pure desire and lust.

“You’re okay, r-right? Like, you’re comfortable and stuff?” It is Joe’s turn to be nervous. He is brushing away hair over her eyes and she can’t help but feel the least bit of empathy for him. He is always like this, and it just adds to the list of reasons why she loves him.

“I am fine.” She kisses his forehead and smiles. “I wasn’t kidding – I really just want you already.”

“What do you want, Jen? Tell me, please? It’s been such a long time since we’ve done this – I want it to be right.”

“Mm, Joseph, you know I love anything and everything you do.”

He kisses her throat, nuzzling his nose against her neck and sighs when she laughs. He knows she will not articulate what she wants, so he brings her higher on the bed and makes a trail of wet kisses down her chest; he passes her belly and bites down just a little bit. She gasps, giggling when he does it, and he can smell the scent of her soap on her skin. He kisses her waist and down to her thigh, marveling at the sight of the beautiful woman just waiting for him to pleasure her.

“Can I?”

She nods, which never fails to make Joe anxious; antsy.

She is glistening, her heat welcoming him and he has to inhale-exhale a few times to calm himself. He parts her legs just a tiny bit wider and touches her. She jerks, her shoulder coming off of the bed just slightly and she lets out a loud breath. He kisses her hip again, pressing a single finger into her. She feels tight; like she said, it is like their first time.

“J-Jen, you’re soaking wet. I’m sorry I made you wait so long.” He tries to brush it off with a chuckle, but even he cannot ignore the way his heart is dancing in his chest. He is so eager, so goddamn eager that he just wants to touch her and taste her and hold her, and then do it all over again. The tip of his tongue darts forward and licks her; she yelps.

“Joe! Oh, God.” He does it again, eliciting the same response, but it comes out as more of a moan than a yell. He removes his fingers, replacing them with his tongue for a while. He massages her with it, the taste of her overwhelming his senses and he feels like he could do this all day; really, he would willingly lay there, just to know that he is the reason she is coming undone at the seams.

He kisses the hard nub and then closes his lips around it, sucking softly. Jennifer is writhing against the bed, her nails scratching against the bed sheets so hard that it sounds like ripping fabric. He uses two fingers this time, pressing them in and retreating them, only to repeat it again and again.

She is begging him for him; more tongue, more fingers, faster – no, slower. Finally, she just tells him to keep going, her words mixing together in a mush of incomprehensible sounds. He hums as he does it, tiny vibrations sending shockwaves throughout her body. She feels like she is falling, falling so fast with nothing to catch her. She loves it.

Her legs are resting on his shoulders, the heels of her shoes occasionally pressing hard into his skin. The pain grows exponentially as the throbbing in his groin intensifies. The pleasure of the pain makes his ears pulse.

Joe takes his mouth off of her, pressing a very wet kiss to her thigh and takes his fingers from her. She whimpers loudly, searching blindly for his body as he crawls up to be with her. One by one, he licks and sucks his fingers clean, smirking at her when she stares in shock.

“Jen, I just–” He kisses her, the taste of her still on his tongue and he feels her surprise when she digs her nails into his biceps. “–I want to feel you. Can we do that, Jen? Can I make love to you right now, my beautiful, beautiful fiancée?”

“Fuck, yes. Joseph, please, I want it so bad.” The entire statement comes out as a moan and both of them are shocked at how coherent she is. Joe, too, is already ready for her, the hardness of him already coated in his own fluid and he pumps himself once, twice before pushing his tip into her. The feeling is foreign for both of them, having waited so long for the moment they would be able to connect like this again.

Jennifer wraps her legs around his waist, pulling him into her as he eases himself in, too. His entire length is buried to the hilt and she can feel him brush against that soft spot inside of her that makes her head spin. Joe is supporting his weight on his palms, his hands on either side of her shoulders. He pulls back slowly and takes the same amount of time to push back in.

“Shit,” he grits his teeth as her nails scratch against his back and the heels are digging into hips. The sensations all over his body send him into overdrive and he feels the heat seeping out of his pores. Their bodies are damp and slick, moving together as one. Their movements make the mattress springs squeak, the frame of the bed swaying back and forth; the sound of the headboard hitting the wall is like a soundtrack for every thrust and every breath.

Jennifer’s hands are frantic; they touch his ears, his biceps, his fingertips, his hips – every part of him that she can reach, she has to feel for herself. He is thrusting harder, the sound of his cock retreating like a slippery noise that makes her all the more anxious. She is whimpering, his name falling from her lips like a mantra.

“Joe. Joe, Joe, Joe…” she says. He responds with another thrust that brings her that much closer to the edge.

He lavishes her in kisses, his tongue coming out flat against her skin as he tastes her. Her sweat and her scent are enough to make him feel drunk; he feels like the fucking king of the world, the way she is praising him and asking, begging for more. He does not want it to end, yet he feels the tightness in his stomach already beginning to stretch.

“Shit, Joseph. Touch me, please. Y-You know where I need you. Fuck, you know me so well.” Her eyes are boring into his, the look in them soft and pleading. She is nearing the edge, the flash of light already behind her eyes.

Joe takes one hand, his weight braced on the other, and rests it on her mound. She is slick, still so wet, when he puts his thumb to her clit. She screams, a moan accompanying the piercing sound when he does it. He moves his thumb in circles, wanting her to continue saying his name like a prayer. It feels like they are the only two people in the universe.

“F-Faster, Joe, ahh–I–” She looks so angelic, he thinks. Her mouth makes this tight little ‘o’ shape and her eyes are finally shut tight while she waits. She is eager, hungry for the spasms that she know are going to explode all over her body.

“Come on, Bug, I’m right here. Come with me, baby.” He kisses the corner of her mouth, leaving her for a moment to kiss her breast. Every nerve in Jen’s body is absolutely alive and he can feel the way her walls are already coming down on him. He can barely hold out any longer. He coaxes her back and forth over the edge; his thumb is moving faster, his hips hitting hers at an angle that makes her scream even more.

“Shit, I’m there, Joe–I’m already–”

That is all it takes. One more circular motion with his thumb and a quick thrust and Jen is writhing against the bed like mad. Her muscles are contracting against his cock and the sensation sends him reeling. His forehead wrinkles as he feels the release come and go. His toes are curled and his hands are wavering; he collapses beside her, their bodies still together.

They ride their highs together, both of them struggling to breathe. The air in the room feels thick and suffocating, but in a completely erotic way. Neither of them know what to say and it takes a while before the silence is broken.

“That was incredible.”

Jen is shaking when she says it. The sound of her voice, the pure awe in the tone of it, makes Joe blush. He feels pink all over, but he has to agree. Every time, every damn time, leaves him speechless.

He slips out of her, the absence of his body making her frown for just a moment. He is grabbing a blanket to place over them and when he does, he wraps an arm around her, too. He kisses the back of her neck, and then the corner of her shoulder before biting her softly.

“Vampire,” she laughs. He laughs, too.

“You know you like it.”

Their breaths even out as Joe explores the curves of her body beneath the blanket. She is soft, vivacious, and he would not have it any other way. She is the most breathtaking woman in the world and he does not understand how he, of all the men in the world, could be so lucky to have her love.

“I am in love with you, Jen. So very, very in love.”

Jennifer lifts her hand and admires the ring on her finger before turning her neck and telling Joe, “I can tell.”

“So you’re sure you want to marry me, then? Like, I know I’m not around twenty-four-seven; I know it’s not an ideal–”

“Shut up.” Jen turns and puts a finger to his mouth, hushing him quickly. The contrast of their bodies – her light brown skin against his undecidedly tan complexion – is mesmerizing. He thinks back to nights when he would marvel at the sight, the hardness of him disappearing into her and the way their bodies looked so connected, yet so different at the same time. “Just, shh. I am so ready to marry you.”

“Then let’s do it, then. Let’s elope or something!”

“Great,” she grumbles. “Another one of your master plans.”

“Hey, Bug.” He pokes her in the side. “This right here was one of my master plans and look how it worked out. We just had, like, mind-blowing sex and you’re going to be my wife. I’m pretty fucking genius if you ask me.”

“Fine, fine. I’ll give you that much. But these–” She lifts her feet above the blanket. “The heels may have been a bit much. They’re cute, but my toes are killing me.”

“Oh, those.” Joe is burning crimson again.” Yeah, those were just an experiment. I’ve always had this, like, fantasy about fucking you in heels. So we can check that off the list.”

“Joseph. So vulgar.” Jen smirks, straddling his waist again. She gasps when she feels Joe hardening underneath her, smiling at how easy it is for her to excite him. “Well, in that case, I have a few more fantasies up my sleeve that we can try out.”

“What do you have in mind?”

Jennifer bends down and kisses him, their lips still swollen and sensitive. Her tongue dances with his as she reaches over to shut off the lamp. Joe hears her tinkering with something in the side table and he pulls away when he hears the drawer shut. He asks, “What’s that?”

There is a clinking noise that sounds, Jen refusing to answer and instead, holds the object in her hands. The room is pitch black and Joe, his curiosity spiking, tries to reach around her. Purposely, she lets her hands graze his fingertips and can’t help but laugh she feels him gasp.


I never knew I had a dream
Until that dream was you
When I look into your eyes
The sky's a different blue



All comments and/or criticism are greatly appreciated!
Thanks so much for taking the time to read. ♥
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Title: Your Love is Where I’m Falling
Author: Deejae, forever_withme@ gaspfor_air
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Nick/Demi
Summary: Maybe tomorrow he’ll be able to ask Demi where the hell she’s been all night.
Author’s Note: Let’s assume that while Camp Rock is filming, the cast/crew stays in cabins. Let’s just… pretend that the things I say in this fic are legit. This probably isn’t supposed to be my most eloquently written piece, but it was supposed to be fun. Why? Because it’s Nick J’s birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NICK JONAS. 365 days until you are fair game, and counting down~

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16 September 2009 @ 02:47 pm
Title: Your Love is Where I’m Falling [Part TWO]

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20 February 2009 @ 06:08 pm
Title: Greater Than Words
Author: Deejae
Prompt: #12 – Alphabet (Special Challenge)
Word Count: 188
Characters: Your Choice, OFC
Rating: G
Summary: He sighs when she does not respond.
Note: For those of you who don’t know, the sign for the letter ‘A’ is this. I love ASL, and this was the most original plot I could come up with. Eh, I tried. Oh, and the sign for ILY, if you don’t know it, can be found here

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17 February 2009 @ 07:59 pm
Title: Lullaby
Author: Deejae
Prompt: #11 - Sunshine
Word Count: 222
Characters: Your choice, OFC
Rating: G – Fluffy fluffiness
Summary:Isn’t she lovely? Isn’t she wonderful?
For: jonas_drabbles

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16 February 2009 @ 11:46 am
Title: Pretend
Prompt: #10 - Difficult
Word Count: 100
Characters: Joe/Camilla (Yeah, “OMG!”, I know)
Rating: G
Summary: Make believe is not as easy as it was when we were kids.

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09 February 2009 @ 11:55 pm
Title: Scent-sual
Author: forever_withme
Prompt: #7 – Sleep, #8 – Apple(s), #9 – Dark (Oh, yeah, I went there)
Word Count: 100! ( :] )
Characters: Your Choice, OFC (unnamed for your enjoyment)
Rating: PG-13 to M (Sexual content)
Summary/AN: Much like my original response to prompt #9. But since I didn’t write for 7 and 8, I wrote this. Plus, it’s my distraction from my English professor’s monotone during class. I’m pretty sure I didn’t even fulfill any of the prompts, lol.
Link: At gaspfor_air

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09 February 2009 @ 11:46 pm
Title: Inhibition
Author: forever_withme
Prompt: #9 – Dark [Special Challenge]
Word Count: 100 (Trust me when I say I’m doing my happy dance…)
Characters: Your Choice, OFC (unnamed for your enjoyment)
Rating: PG (Suggestive content)
Summary: Lights on, or lights off?
For: jonas_drabbles; Join, it's amazing. (:

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30 January 2009 @ 12:29 am
Title: Paint
Author: Deejae, forever_withme
Prompt: #6 - Smell
Word Count: 246 (Oh, hey! :])
Characters: Joe, Joelle (OFC), OFC
Rating: G – Fluffy cuteness, I hope.
Summary: He’s home, and there’s nowhere else she would want him.
Link: At gaspfor_air
A/N: For jonas_drabbles. Join, everyone's amazing. Wonderful mod, too. (:

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